About Virtual and Retro

Located in the heart of Ashburton

Started in August 2021, by 5 Ashburton Locals wanting to create a unique entertainment experience in Ashburton.  We started by building our own PCs with high-performance graphics cards, and HTC Vive Pro and HTC Vive Pro 2 Headsets and have been quietly working to gather an extensive library of content from multiple providers, be it escape rooms, horror games, simulations, and games for children to showcase the performance of the headsets and PC’s. All of the content is able to be easily selected by our customers from our VR menu system (giving you control of what you want to play, and for how long) or for the escape rooms pre-selected on-site. We also welcome spectators, with comfortable seating, and plenty of screens so even if you don’t want to try VR, you can see what’s happening and encourage your friends and family in VR.

With a rich tapestry of leisure pursuits surrounding Ashburton and Methven, we’re proud to introduce a modern twist to entertainment in the region.

Our Offerings

At Virtual & Retro, we bring to you a plethora of entertainment options in one venue, whether its the Retro gaming consoles, Dedicated Esports PCs with 32” screens high-performance keyboards and mice, or our wide range of VR experiences, boasting over 50 games and over 15 different VR Escape Rooms tailored to delight gamers across all age groups. Whether you’re a solo adventurer or part of a group seeking a thrilling challenge, our arcade promises an experience like no other.

We also offer a range of add-ons such as sensors, haptic vests, cyber Shoes, and various controller holders, all helping to add a bit more realism to your VR experience.

Hero Zone

One of our more popular attractions with groups is HeroZone.

HeroZone offers a series of unique, shorter games you play together as a team,  in a free-roam (cordless) environment. There are a range of team games like Arrowsong, Dead Ahead, Quantum Arena, and Cyber Shock as well as Espionage Express (and Escape Room) and Cook’d Up (try your hand at running a takeaway burger bar, with your friends). In HeroZone, the players unite as a team in a virtual shared space, free from the constraints of overhead cables, to battle together (or against each other). The games are 15-20 minutes long (except for Espionage Express), and you can select as many games as you want to play, these are great for Birthday parties or Social events and cost only $10 per player, per game (minimum of 2 players required and advanced bookings).

HeroZone can also be added other any full venue or party booking.

Diverse Experiences

Our diverse range of scenarios ensures there’s something for everyone. Children simply love “Job Simulator”, or for adults transport yourself to ancient Greece in “Beyond Medusa’s Gate” just one of the 15 Different Escape rooms we have on offer, or fast-forward a millennium to “Huxley Save The Future”, where you race against time to reverse a machine-led apocalypse.

For those seeking a serene experience,  “Google Earth VR” journeys across the globe’s iconic landmarks, while “TheBlu” lets you explore the mysteries of the underwater world, complete with a close encounter with a whale. For the adventurers there is climbing Mt Everest in “Everest” or if you want to challenge yourself try “Ritchies Plank”, you can’t believe how real it feels to walk the plank.

For those wanting to experience retro gaming, or re-live their youth, look no further,  we have both a Sega Master System and Atari systems with a range of games to choose from, as well as our ever-popular Standup Arcade Machine, featuring all the classic arcade favourites.

Convenient Hours and Competitive Pricing

Normal Opening Hours

Open from Wednesday to Friday in the afternoons and evenings, and all day during weekends, during the school holidays we are open from Monday to Friday from 10:30 am to 4:30 pm, so we can ensure you have ample opportunities to dive into the world of VR.

School Holiday Hours (except Christmas)

Open Monday to Friday from 11 am to 4:30 pm. Normal operating hours during the weekends.

Our competitive pricing and special deals for school Holidays and group bookings make us the go-to destination for immersive entertainment in Ashburton.

We are also flexible and for larger bookings, we can open outside our normal operating hours for events and parties, so don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Join Us

No longer do you need to scour the internet for activities in Ashburton, Timaru, Geraldine, or Rolleston. Virtual & Retro stands as a beacon of modern entertainment right at your doorstep. Whether you’re flying solo or rallying a group of friends, we promise an unforgettable VR experience.

For bookings and more, reach out to us. Dive into a world of virtual reality like you’ve never seen before, only at Virtual & Retro.


Come check us out, we know you will have a great time!

Un lieu de divertissement que je recommande. L'expérience d'escape game en VR est à essayer. Prix raisonnables pour le temps passé et le suivi du game master. Les sensations sont incroyables, fun garanti !
Hazel Willis
Hazel Willis
So good. Been a few times and we did the VR escape rooms. I took the kids this time and the staff member was so helpful! Highly recommend.
Kim King
Kim King
We did a virtual experience for the 1st time and had so much fun. The staff were very patient with us while we learnt and I would recommend this place to anyone looking for something different to do.
Sheree MacKenzie
Sheree MacKenzie
So much fun! Staff are very friendly and helpful.
Teina Ellis
Teina Ellis
Bought my son in for his birthday, he and his friends absolutely loved it. Highlight of our day. Nathan was so friendly and most helpful, definitely made our experience as fantastic as it was. If you enjoy games of any kind, I'd say definitely give this a go. I can't wait to go myself, without the kids. 😁
Jim Emmett
Jim Emmett
Took by son and his mates for his birthday last night! They loved it, can’t stop talking about it! As an adult I was so impressed by the realism and the full body experience, such a fun and unique experience!
Jane Doig
Jane Doig
The kids absolutely loved there first time experience here! Great family activity! Highly recommend!
Your Mothers Face
Your Mothers Face
Incredible, Nathan and the team are so lovely and kind, always a good laugh and helpful. Ideal for holiday activities, after school fun, birthdays or even adults just having some time out! Love it here! ☺️

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